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Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review: The Bankster Ravi Subramanian
ISBN: 9788129120489
: Paperback
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Number of Pages: 358
Genre: Fiction
Language: English

About the book:

When big shots write the layman must simply adhere to their fancy words! Tough for the spirit born over burning coal- I must say! With the financial world laying aside their pinkish newspapers and stock ledgers and picking up novels that coined new genre- financial thriller- creativity became more of an universal skill. Lucky to have got introduced to Indian John Grisham from the Banking world aka Ravi

Mobsters, gangsters have dotted our shady existence- banging their guns at the wee hours, and claiming authority over us- but a Bankster is a tricky evolution. They are robbers employed within the banking sector- pulling strings to heave money while hypnotizing the gullible customers. And who can be a better imposing well-wisher than a woman- who loops the men around her toying fingers- has the political domain as the father figure and an international con for a husband. I am not giving you the name- I should not- its a thriller for gods sake.

Initially it was all about decadent socialites who happen to be working at GB2- but rather have more high spirited pleasures to concentrate on. Its money game- and sledging while parched over rotating chair in comfy rooms- it’s about taking in employees who are ready to wag their tails at your calling. And its about a slash- faced multinational con man smuggling diamonds, and killing innocents abroad with a clean swipe.
If this was it- the story would have been a common 60s sleuth novellas. This is new millennium- and   Ravi Subramanian is an ace player. He gives a challenge to reassess your nuclear disaster knowledge- making you look beyond Bhava to a small dot on the Indian map where the controversial Trikakulam Nuclear Power Plant (TNPP) enjoys nations attention. A fathers plight is maneuvered into mass hysteria by greedy political figures. And the law is long dead. Krishna Menon- the man in context- is a man standing out of the crowd- who never faltered, much like Raymond the iron man, Harshita- the lady who left the final clue to the riveting mystery accidentally through Wifi. Bankster decides the graphical faith of Greater Boston Global Bank- and the Karan Panjabi is our standing Samaritan. Flip through the pages- you won’t feel fatigue getting the better of you as you jump to and fro from Angola, Kerala and Mumbai.

So if you ask me- what I liked about the book- I would say- the price tag- it’s a worthy buy. The number of pages doesn’t tire you off- you hardly feel your sore bottom! The characters are absolute truth etched out of words- language is showcase of a mastered vocabulary. I haven’t had the heart to pick his previous novels- and I agree I had been a fool. Luck shines on the Indian literary firmament- with intriguing books topping the best selling charts- And Ravi will surely be remembered as one of the best among the record makers. 

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Meenakshi Malhotra said...

Very nice review. Your writing style and usage of words is impeccable

Lazy Pineapple said...

I read the book after reading the review on Shilpa Garg's website. This is the first Indian thriller I have read and I liked the storyline. It was gripping

But in some places the language went a little slack and I think it could have been written a little better.