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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review: The Perfect World

Author: Priya Kumar

Format: Paperback




Publishers: Embassy Books

ISBN Number: 9789380227931 / 978-9380227931



About The Book:

So, exactly, when is the right time to think about-“Ah! This life pains, wish I had known the way to Utopia?”  Some won’t have given a second thought- if their miserable life would lead them to the enchanting island of Tennyson’s “Lotus Eaters”. But the barter to this rather chance of walking down the illusive path way is never easy- you got to leave behind your sense of rationality.

Denied of the perfect life, Niki Sanders is just like a soul lost among us. Her idea of “The perfect World” kept on running in circles- in a wooded cluster of winding paths and got trapped in the cage of hopelessness. In times of despair often a lost soul catches your attention- and in Niki’s case- it is the believably dead but magically and mysteriously alive Thelda. What enthralls the reader more, is the opportunity to come in contact with life existing beyond the realms of our universe. Priya Kumar- propagates the mirror image of a perfect world- though real- but quite untrue if we are to define its existence through our rationality fed upon monotony. From a doomed existence to a rare chance to share wisdom of superior beings like Bren and Acordorf- “The perfect world” is about getting to know about one’s potential, learning to combat with inner dilemma and deriving profound understanding about oneself. It is the sense of clarity that Niki seemed to lack in the initial pages of the book- but with events revealing newer experiences- she gains the rare spark of confidence- that would alter her pre-existing troubled personality.

Gone are the days of old grandfathering fables, the new age demands the inspiration quotes to be dished out in an out of the box manner. The apathy towards old school lies in the severely repetitive words- as our senses get tuned to more new inventions, discoveries, dreams and imaginative workshops- we require to adapt to utterly different tastes- to claim the global feat. Several self help book- concealed under the veil of a superficial story- are running for the rat race in the book world. “The Perfect World” is one such strong competitor- which tackles a fantastic tale- involves alter universes and never stops at preaching- but in between the lines.  

About The Author:

A motivational speaker and a bestselling, award winning author, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar's Training Systems. Priya has worked with the best names in the corporate world. Her interactive and at times unconventional methods of training continue to deliver much sought after tangible results. Apart from being a columnist for leading newspapers, Priya does several radio and television shows on Motivation and Peak Performance. Author of bestselling books, "I Am Another You" and "License to Live", Priya's powerful storytelling has touched the lives of people across the world.

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