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About me

An open letter I do not know to whom I am writing this letter…or maybe I do but I cannot divulge the name…now that is not the main point. In this little life of mine…I have learned to see both the sides of a coin. The encounters have become short stories of my life-book. I live, laugh and cry with some of them, I leave behind some of them and some I deliberately bury below my feet. The last one is merely an attempt to hide my individual short coming.

A writer by profession and a poet at will- Shreya Chatterjee was born in Kolkata in 1985 and was brought up in Bihar and Kolkata alike. She is educated at G.D. Birla Centre for education, Presidency College, Kolkata and University of Calcutta. She has been writing since her school and college days, and has been an ardent member of, since her college days. She writes mostly in English and Bengali. Few of her early poems have been published in college magazines and little magazines like “Raison d'être“, and “Bonhik” Presently, her works have been published in main stream magazines like "Kindle"-published from Kolkata, "shimontini"- published from Bangladesh, online magazines, like "" and journals. She has been featured in, my little mag, enchanting verses, and in other e newsletters published by Castle of books, E raindrops magazines published by Moksha Publishers and in internal employee newsletter of GSK called "Infobytes".

Apart from a poet, Shreya is a professional book reviewer, content writer and copy editor.

A journey called...

It contains personal poems, articles, serious social articles, reviews, a bit about my hobbies, videos created by me, lyrics of songs I love the most and all such things that serve as perfect definition of a wanderer. It also houses some of my favourite moments with "Coffee". You will also find collaborated posts- the images are provided by several of the fellow bloggers and the poems are written by me.


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