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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Indian tv serials

Indian serials or soap operas, as they are called, have been an integral part of the television-viewing society.
If the TV set is called the animated companion of the housewives, the elderly men and women in the family; the serials are treated like an extended family by them. The Indian TV serials deal with different themes and messages for the society, or at times they are merely entertainment.Comedy, social issues, family relationships, mythology, children shows, patriotism are the few popular themes around which their plots revolve. Telecast-ed in various languages, they have one eminent thing  common in them- the high dramatic appeal. It is widely believed that the target audience- the middle class en mass, needs an outlet to fulfill their suppressed dreams, like prosperity, in all the sense of the term, lavish lifestyle, and most importantly requires a high moral guidance, to combat with the arduous hurdles of daily life. If watched closely all the TV serials shown throughout the day on a daily basis, caters to all these suppressed desires of the viewers. The plots in all the major TV serials televised ever since its advent, have shifted its storyline from the rich to the poor with the middle class sensibilities squeezed in between. There is a thin line between the reality and the dream world that these serials craftily maintain.Some question the sets, some grumble over the costumes  and some find it hard to imagine how the characters live on and on without showing any sign of aging. mostly, nothing seems common place about the characters apart from their on screen names. promiscuity, adultery, constant family tussle, black and white characterization, vicious schemes and plots all boil together in the cauldron of the scriptwriters. They are the reality removed from the real world or they are the distant kin to the fantasia that every Indian viewer weave daily in their mind, is debatable.

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