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Friday, September 18, 2009

Your silence

 (Dedicated to the year 2008- and the people i met that year)

I find your silence breathing to me.

The moment I bend my head in despair

I feel your silence breathing on my neck.

In sultry nights, on untouched bed,

I sense your silence stretched across.

Of hundred things I assume every day,

I love to see your silence looking for the real me.

In crowded roads and suffocating metros

I feel your silence comforting me.

Your silence hangs around all the time

-Disobeying laws of motion and those of gravity.

Your silence makes dreary roads enchanting again.

Your silence remains everywhere.

Intact like the veil of burka

Or like my shadow never abandoning me.

Your silence holds me up again.

-Hugs me, when I need a touch.

Are you there?  I
never enquire.

Your silence follows me everywhere.

1 comment:

Rajnish said...

your silence hugs me....your silence loves me....but i have never thought who is you??/ i have never enqure where are you........but still the silence is adorable for me.......

so loving and so well dedicated.......someone is very special here who means all the silence here....really shreya you are doing very good jobs in writing