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Monday, October 5, 2009


A part of the mainstream comedy
of the early ‘90s spilling over into the late nineties Tu Tu mein mein become too popular to handle,so much so that it
become a regular term,a jargon to describe all quarrels, be it among the family
members or even the distinguished politicians of the nation. It had warring
mother- in- law and daughter-in- law combination played by Reema and Supriya
Pilgaonkar. The serial was directed by Sachin. Ritika Bhatia laughed while
recalling one of the episodes of the serial,

“The mother-in-law acts as if she
has fallen ill and tries to pester the daughter in law, but at the end she ends
up realizing how much she actually loves her daughter-in-law…my mother-in-law
and myself, we would always sit together and watch this show and later on had
long, funny conversations about it. ”

Ever since the ending of Nukkad
and Yeh jo zindegi hai, viewers had been craving for intelligent comedy on the
small screen. What they got were dumb scripts and dumber performances. But
what’s stood out among the mediocrity was Tu Tu Main Main, the longest
running comedy on Indian TV.

That was the first saas bahu
serial that was pristine in its ways of capturing the moments of generic
bickering and the unique love-hate relationship.

The series had won awards for
three consecutive years.

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