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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Drop---inspired by eloquence redefined

A draught of life
a pint of wine
a vision of the holy grail
a breathe sublime..
a drop of lime..
the sizzling touch
a drop of tear
a crying heart
a drop of rain
at the summer end
a drop of life
to start from again...


Karthik said...

It's fabulous! You are so spontaneous! The words just flow from your mind so easily. I'm amazed.
Inspired by eloquence redefined? I'm honoured. :-)

wanderer said...


they say words are few and very old
circulating all around us
in thin air
as one language
got divided into many
the expressions got broken into several forms
when you wrote the draught
and when I read the draught
a tiny drop formed in my mind

and, lo!
from the ancient thin air

the drop appeared on the white paper

each of us
are unique
and in our unique ways
we inspire each other

we twist and turn the words
to say the same old thing

yes we say the same old thing...

Sorcerer said...

thats great!!