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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

paa, progeria, seth cook and the others

We all know about up coming bollywood sensation-Paa, where Amitabh Bacchan becomes "the child" and his son Abhishek Bacchan Becomes the father of "the child". But Paa essentiallly is not about the Big B and the Chota B sharing aq camero again. Paa is about a child turning an old man at a faster rate.

Aamir Khan directoral debut started the trend of making people know about the disorders that make some of us different from us. And also enable us to understand how they make an effort to lead their little life, perhaps much better the mean minded "us" group.

If Amir's Taare Zameen Par was about Dyslexia, Paa is about Progeria...
you can can read about this disorder due to genetic incomplecency, in the trusted wikipedia...I have just come to know of a certain boy or old man who suffers from the same disorder....

India has also the cases of Progeria, a family suffering from and are considered by locals as bad omen:-

Read this journal and know how even the doctors are perplexed about this disease....;year=2005;volume=15;issue=4;spage=459;epage=462;aulast=Manrai

Indeed there is more that meets the eyes and when I say knowlegde is pain...its is truly a painful revelation....

1 comment:

Karthik said...

It really pains our hearts when seen or heard about such things, right?
It was very informative. Thanks.