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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I got a lovely award


I have just received this from a friend called "being me". This is an honour I would hold on to for days to come.
And so it is my lovely task to pass it on to 5 bloggers and list 7 things (stories, thoughts, favorite, peeves etc anything) about myself.
1) In love with rains, I wait from them the whole year.
2)A little walk down the hilly-roads on Gangtok with my father- though a few hours of a single day, a part of a tiny has left a mark in my mind.
3)My favourite pass time is stitching and I would soon share a post of all my stitching projects.
4)when I am down I text smileys to all my friends, their replies of several more smileys brighten me up-I know it is silly but silly things do make us smile!
5)I have learnt that failures are truly pillars of success for a person who has failed has the strength to bear on the pangs of the world unlike those who bask in their "lucky" sun.
6)I love shopping for books and the best part is all the planning about which ones to buy.
7) I am addicted to coffee and though my mother tries her level best to keep it away from me, (for I have got sleeping problem), i manage to steal a brief coffee-drinking moment, now and then. Thanks to small one serve packs of "Bru".

I would like to share it with the following bloggers
she seems to speak my mind though she is not much aware of it.
She shows me the way to look up to life as a gift and not as a  burden from almighty.
She is a mentor to me...and so is her daughter.
Niraj has a wonderful way to look at life and for me it is living moments I have never experienced.
I have trips to Tnazania as I flip through Nelson's posts.


Being Me said...

I see you managed. great. (sorry I replied you a little late on the how to..)..

Thank you for accepting it and sharing a little more about you... I go gaga over books too...


Farila said...

Thank you very much wanderer.. I really appreciate you choose me for the this award.

flying eagle woman said...

WOW thank you so much! I just found this award!
Shawna (Flying Eagle Woman) I too am in love with rains...I also wait for them all year...although here they are most likely much different from there:-)
I just love your blog by the way

Niraj said...

am i awarded??