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Saturday, February 20, 2010

the last company in the park

The sun had set a little while ago,
The winds are about to rise,
The park itself had a deserted look,
But for the old man sitting on my right,
Waiting for no one particular,
Not a word transpired between both of us,
The autumn murmured sad songs,
The moon was about to rise,
Lingering sighs stood the test of time,
Street lights popped on one by one,
The winter will breathe on gathered leaves,
The old man prepares to leave...


Timir's said...

No one in particular,
yet someone so similiar,
some one were most awaited...
without words, prayer unborn,
somewhere somehow conscience still stubborn ||

the unknown stranger waits for never known,
its thy whom you search within,
restless life disconnects,
the unknows revive the same wind ||

old man , old days !! memory never old,
unknown stranger waits,
for heart to beep within,
old man departs keeping some wind within !!!

Note :
Theme ta besh sundar, onek somoy oneke sudhu emni boshe thake hyto karo opekkhay, keu jane na , keu janteo chay na...
tai kauke bolao jay na...

wanderer said...

@ timir
Old men and women wait for two things either death or a company of their loved one...