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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Her foot friend playing hide and seek

Took this image, while rushing about my house, rushing about with words and mental notes.
And this goes without saying, that image taken always inspires, provokes, so as to say, to think and write and scribble and scratch about.

Here goes, the final draft of all such endeavor...

She has left them alone
In the dull alley,
that links the outer world
With the inner hive.

They sit there forlorn
After a trip to the market,
The grocery
And the tarnished gossip hubs around.

Perhaps they even
Had a rest outside the temple steps,
But who knows for how long.

Of late, she complains
Of foot ache,
And they know
Perhaps it is time to be tossed away.
They count their days without grimace.

As they play
Hide and seek
One such sultry
Sleepy afternoon breaks.


Being Me said...

This is cute... you brought slippers to life...

marvelous !

ARiTRA said...

Visited your blog "footprints on...".
Thought of commenting but couldn't do so... May be there's problem with the commenting function.