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Friday, April 2, 2010

A 'Glass', A 'Bed', A 'He', A 'She"

This poem has a history of its own. I wrote it in a frenzy, while trying to make the most of an off period in the college. Finding a place in one of the corridor cubicles, I opened up my note book, wearily looked at few of the love birds hurdled all about the premise, wrote down rather a weird poem. A friend of mine was into experimenting with language. He tried to bring in the physical action into poems. (I understood, little of his concept actually.) Most of it sounded like, the picture stories, we had in lower classes at school. these stories would essentially include pictures instead of words, in between the words of any sentence. perhaps his words made me, write this...
for the readers' benefit, I would like you all to imagine the presence of a mirror into the two images provided below. the actual sentence is:" A HALF VISIBLE GLASS DIVIDES THE COLD BED". In order emphasize on the distance in between the two character, I have used this distorted and countered reflecting sentence, in such a way. 

She fumes, she puffs
As she shakes on her side of the bed
Taunts at office. Scratching kitchen sink.
"Oh! he GRUNTS like an unfeeling boar".
She turns to him and smiles and again turns away.


He turns to her and smiles and again turns away.
"Oh! she CAWS like an insulted crow."
Office pet names? Hanging from the crowded buses?
As he rocks on his side of the bed
He giggles, he continues reading his "comic strips".


Farila said...

Nice poem wanderer

Being Me said...

The imagery makes me think of a very old married couple...



wanderer said...

@ Being Me
yes, the poem is to do about a old and married couple-who are perhaps adjusting to their marriage, and faking, their love for each other.

@ Farila- thank you for you comment.