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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A quite afternoon

Seldom does the city
Settles down.
Seldom does it
stop for a drink,
In some road side snacks...
A coffee with fiance
Or friends for that matter..

A quiet afternoon,
With the sky turning orange,
The bird retiring to their nests,
The pigeons getting ready,
Along the perches of tall towers.
The city might think of
Stopping by for a bit
sitting on the road side
Resting places
Sipping some warm tea
Along the shanty tea stalls,
Then presume its night long run.
Alas! it hardly stops.
The cars rush to and fro.
The neon blinks on and off.
As the night creeps in
Like a panther crouching 
On its hinds,
The city grooves into new rhythms.
As darkness engulfs the night sky
The streets get merry
And lights flicker.

The quiet afternoon
Ponders on these notes,
And turns,
From orange
To maroon
And then into deep Prussian blue.

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