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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reaching out Through the Mirror

( This poem is inspired from the line-‘a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing…’. it was taken from the book-'Eleven Minutes'-by Paulo Coelho. A certain Aritra Chatterjee, was musing about these lines in the dead of the night, as per his blog entries.)

‘a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing…’

These line caught my attention and here goes my renditions...

You are standing on the other side
Of the old mirror.
And I am here,
Standing on my feet
Staring at you.

It is late into the night.
The time is right.
For self assessment,
For a little criticism,
For breaking down,
Into several pieces,
For reconstructing
My little self,
For shedding
All my masks,
For selecting
New ones
To be worn
The next day...

Call this time
As any thing you feel like...

I try to reach out
To you, standing
On the other side
Of the lone mirror.
You try to reach out
To me
Standing on this end.
The puzzle
I heard was within...
The puzzle 
Was embraced,
From refraining
To be embraced.


ARiTRA said...

As expected a nicely fabricated rendition on your part... But your words didn't provide the answers I was searching for in my post...

ARiTRA said...

Pardon me for my comment as you are not supposed to provide the answers...

wanderer said...

@ Aritra
Yes according to the funny bone of the poets...they never explain what they write. It is up to the critics to write down reference books on their celebrated poems. and then it is up to the teachers to read them in classrooms, up to the students to write endless answers with critical inputs and aim to score "god know how and how much" scores. I am not a POET. I am a face lost in the crowd of a busy city.I am just a mirage of a slight trait and never the whole personality itself. Thus I am open to questions, knowing fully well, I can never answer them well.