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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Unfinished Wife

( This poem was written on the pretext of the following request from Aritra Chatterjee-a blog friend of mine. He had sent this picture to me and had said:
" Though I shot this picture on a different context, it reminds me of a terrorist's wife, who in spite of  knowing of his husband's doings waits for his return being shattered from within."

Amar bar bar ichhe koreche ei niye lekhar kintu tomar moto amar to poetry r ashe na :(  kintu amar mone hoyechhe j a poetry can make the subject more touching...
(the English translation of the above lines: I often feel like writing about the picture, but unlike you (he is referring to me) poetry never comes easily to me. Having said this, I feel that a poetry can make the subject more touching...
 Here goes your poem for your picture Aritra)

She waits 
Besides the door...
Hoping to see a 
Familiar shadow
Over that bend
Of the village path.

He is still to return.
But armed men,
The Law
Pays unwanted
As often as they can.

Downcast eyes
Wait for the shadow 
Wait for man,
The embrace
The peace
With him being in the house.

His shirt hangs 
In the corner...
His part of the bed still untouched.

They say,
"He is there
In the woods,
Fighting against
The "law".

She understands
He is walking
In a sinned path...

She knows he will 
suffer, or 
Perhaps even die...

The eyes still wander
Over the bend 
Of the empty
Village path...
The yearning eyes
Of the unfinished wife.

(Please do note that I am not inclined to any of the existing political forums, I wrote the above poem to keep a request of a friend and on a humanitarian view point.)


Timir's said...

The wind stops momentarily,
just to pass by,
left a gloomy look ,
waiting to return ||

winter leaves left it's branch,
to fly before a fall,
past agony recalls destiny,
to live before last call...

will he come back ?
question to thy self,
keep coming back,
a destiny thru fate, bewildered self ||

know not good or bad,
forgot the feel of sad,
will wait, till i fly,
will wait till i die ||

* Tomar ta sotti khub touching khubi bhalo laglo , tai amio kichhu line jure dilam ":) Timir

Zave said...

Humanitarian it is.
After all everyone is human, emotions in them are as strong in them as us, however wrong one does.
Beautiful portrayal of her side.

And never knew you were a Bengali too!

wanderer said...

This is what Aritra-the main initiator of this post had to say:

Name : Aritra

Comment :
This is just what I had imagined. With these words of yours, my thoughts and emotions about the subject truly found their due expressions.The picture now looks more lively, more meaningful to me... Thank you my friend :)

Vipul Grover said...

Beautiful piece of poetry to go with a vry thoughtful fotograph.. really liked Aritra's idea behind this pic.. nice read :)

nd yeah a nice way 2 attract someone's attention by promoting the posts at Indivine. thnx anyway..

wanderer said...

@ pleasure :)