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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Illusion Called Colossus

Swirling skirt
My dancing girl
A mirage of
My little known
Ruined past.

A hag
A dark warper
With eyes that never
Saw the light.

In the distance,
She waits,
With eyes cast
on the bended path
Along her road,
Thinking I will some day
Pass by...

But I had a tale 
Stitched to my coat
A tale I cannot share.

The mirage
Fades, overlaps
And leaves behind
The colossus smokey remains
A uncanny trail
That I keep walking away from.

It is dusk, the day has come
To yet another end,
The meadow waits 
For the star cast night,
I walk away...
Away and further away...
From a dream 
I find too hard
To share.

(The image was yet again provided by a noble friend: Aritra Chatterjee, with a demand:
"well I'm sending this picture, I'm giving u all the freedom... interpret it yourself and give it your words...".
I think I have tried to do some justice to the image.It actually took me several days to understand the image, the credit of creating the vast illusion of course goes to the owner of the image, who has with dexterity, provided such comprehensive rendition.  )


Lazy Pineapple said...

hey...thank god you changed your comments form...I had no way getting in touch to let you know...though I left a message on the forum. I had been trying to comment on so many of your posts.

This poem is great...and I loved your interpretation of the photo...
As far as I could understand this is about a lover and the mistakes which the he is running away from which he made in his past....

wanderer said...

Hey thats pretty sweet of your dear...I would love to see my other poems reviewed....was feeling lonely about my other poems of let and was trying to fix the problem pathetically.


Being Me said...

Wow, love the poem, it runs pretty deep...
I feel sad for the person who is waiting.....


ARiTRA said...

Thank God I didn't give any subject this time :) I must say you enjoyed your freedom to the greatest extent and rendered my creation such words... REALLY LOVED THEM.

I must say your interpretation did match my imagination to a great extent.

But I would like to see some comments on the picture from your readers too ;)

pravin nair said...

hey there!

ur poem is really nice.some waits can be so fruitless n some truths are painful..glad I visited here

i also write poems n wld like to invite u to visit my page at:


binzy said...

Beautiful poem. Reveals the dark side of a ruined relationship. It provokes melancholic emotion towards someone who's waiting for someone with a flickering hope as well as for someone who's walking away from someone to choose a different course of life. Awesome !!

wanderer said...

Thank you to each one of you :)
mostly thank you aritra for the image. the comments do inspire me to write more....but words are words...:)

Mohan said...

Great pic and an interesting poem there! Plus a test for comments on your blog :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

Loved the 4th stanza...'had a tale stitched to my coat'...beautiful words

Prasad Shelar said...

Nice !!! :-)

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Very nice

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Nice One