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Saturday, May 8, 2010

mon amar (my mind)

paliye berate chaye
(runs free)
abar dhorao porte chai
(desires to be caught)
lukote chai
(attempts to hide)
abar dekhao dite chai
(shows a glimpse of its own)
banchte chai
(wants to live a life)
abar sesh er kothao vabe
(yet thinking of the end)
sob vebeo chup kore
(forgets for it keeps quiet)
bose thake
kichu bole na
(says nothing)
kichu janaye na
(tells no one)
chari passe
(all around)
din ashe din jaye
(days come and go)
se chokh mele dekhe
 (it stares on, just stares on)
r pran vore sone
(listens to the fleeting sound with all its heart)
kotha bole na
( says nothing)
se kotha bole na
(it says nothing)

1 comment:

ARiTRA said...

hmm... nice really nice :)