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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remembering Tagore

I am not a Tagore fanatic. I mean I do not "eat drink and sleep" reading Rabindranath Tagore or even listening to his songs. I revere the poet's ability to move the world with his words and I have read his works and listened to his songs, whenever I could. Last week, a music school, near my house celebrated the 150 years of the poet's birth anniversary. They had called in celebrity singers and much more. I chose to stay indoors and read a book...with a line running in my mind:

"A hundred years from today
who are you, sitting, reading a poem of mine,
                under curiosity’s sway -
           a hundred years from today?"

To read the whole poem" click"

Incidentally, when my father returned home that night, he mused," I salute this poet not because he got us a Nobel, but because he dared to say-A hundred years from today... Such was the confidence of the man...He is now an institution, the city is sporting his face across the billboards." I nodded my head over the dinner.

What else could a simple man and his daughter say!

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nkr4068 said...

A gr8 man indeed! :) i used to have this prayer from Geetanjali every day at school in the assembly.
"Where the mind is without fear and held is held high..."

Nice n simple article worth noticing!

Purba said...

Not just a poet but a philosopher, artist, playwright, composer and a novelist. And India's first Nobel laureate. Aren't we all proud of him

Sayak Shome said...

I love Rabindranath Tagore's works. He is a versatile genius.

The knife said...

I know this is controversial but Satyajit Ray would probably be closest after him... different media and time of course

Rajendra Raikwar said...

I will surely visit again