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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sound of Raindrops

For once
The sound
Of raindrops,
Falling across
Your window pane,
Or on the perched earth,
On the pebbled path,
On the brick wall
Standing forlorn
Beyond your house,
Or on the shrubs and bushes
On the stretched out
Branches and half bloomed flowers
With slowly opening petals
With an eagerness
Of a shy maiden,
To see the world about.

For its too tiny a sound,
To make way
The daily tantrum,
The bustling voices,
The jostling inner thoughts,
The humdrum
That clogs about your ears.

Just imagine
That you are
Hearing it
All at once,
At this moment...

Perhaps-they are
Not too far...


Lazy Pineapple said...

ahhh...beckoning the monsoons...
I could almost here the pitter patter of tiny drops falling on the leaves :)

The smell of damp moist earth...

wanderer said...

I am trying hard to turn my rain-related poems into suitable prayers for the rain god to pay heed to...but I guess Gods are hovering over politicians and goons of late and the rain god, being the king of all, is too busy to listen a poor mortal's request.

BullsEye said...

Simply Awesome..Nice Imagery..If you love rains, then you might like my post on the same

magiceye said...

this is beautiful

Santanu said...

Simply beautiful , raindrop are those uniqe matters in this world whwre we can share many moments of our life

Coffee Bean said...

Wow! One of the best that I've read in recent times. Loved the simple and endearing writing, and also the irresistible rain drop theme. Great going!!!

Sayak Shome said...

Wonderful lyrical imageries. Made me picture the rains.

Saibal Barman said...

I find it to be the mirror apposite to bear what my reflections would be of grand spectrum of your expressions shining over the pages...Here, I choose one to hail many in one salutation...
Yes, I'm thankful for your generous appreciation of my Indivine post "O Mother!"...
It took me on travel to a new space...a nice flight indeed without claims of wisdom and chains of freedom distracting...and I enjoy elegant descent alike such flawless raindrop and dream on just of Peace !!
Far, or too far...I reassure it is there...yes, someone says it again...
With best regards,

- The Virgin Author! said...

I. Love. Rain. Period!