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Friday, May 28, 2010

What a copy cat!!!

It goes without saying that our Indian musicians borrow so much from western music. This is most applicable to our Bollywood music-the prominent film industry in our country. There was this movie in the year 1996 called-dastak(the sign). This song-"windmills of your mind" might have impressed the musician of the Indian movie and he ended up using the soundtrack.

The plot of the movie dastak(sign)

Dastak is a story of a mentally unstable genius (Sharad Kapoor) and his obsession for the Miss Universe (Sushmita Sen). His unparalleled obsession makes him so possessive about her that he begins to kill people around her so that he can come close to her. Sharad Kapoor succeeds in kidnapping her and keeping her in confinement but ultimately she succeeds in getting herself free from his obsessive clutches. Mukul Dev plays the role of a police officer who tries to rescue Sushmita Sen from Sharad Kapoor.
Sharad viz, Sule watched his television in his small apartment in Bombay circa 1994 when there was a live telecast of the crowning of Miss Universe pageant. He watched as the second runner-up (Venezuela), first runner-up (Colombia) and finally the title go to India's Sushimita Sen. He hit the pause button on the remote control froze Sushmita's face and kissed her. Then he began the tedious task of tracking Sushmita wherever she traveled, and on one occasion asked her for an autograph on the palm of his hand, which she refused. By doing so, Sushmita did not realize that she had opened an door in her life that would take her to distant Seychelles running away from an obsessed fan - a decision that will entrap her on a lonely island with no one for company except the man who claims he loves her most in the world - and the one she dreads the most.

Now the lyrics of the song and the translation too.

The Hindi lyrics

Tumhe kaise mein bataun
(how can I narrate to you?)
Tumhe kaise mein kahu
(how can i tell you?)
Mere bas mein agar ho to
(it it is possible by me)
Mein bas itna hi karun
(all i can do, is to)
Tumhe din bhar
(watch you the whole day)
Tumhe har pal
(watch you every moment)
Dekhta hi mein rahu
(and keep watching you on and on)
Tumhe dekhu,Tumhe chahoon
(i would love to see, want you)
Tumhe punju har pal
(worship you, every moment)
Tumhe sochu ,Tumhe samjhu
(i would think about you, would try to understand you)
Tumhe Mangu har pal
(i would want you every moment)
Tumhe gungunau Tumhe gau har pal
(would love to hum a song in your name every moment)
Mein tumhara hoon esha
(i am your such a )
Deewana meri jaan
(lover my dear)

Mera marna bhi tumhi ho
(i see my end in you)
Mera jeena bhi ho tum
(i see my life in you)
Meri madira bhi tumhi ho
(you are my rhythm)
Mera Beeena bhi ho tum
(you are my string of sounds)
Mera chandi bhi tumhi ho
(you are my silver)
Mera sona bhi ho tum
(you are my gold)
Mera hasna bhi tumhi ho
(you are my smiles and laughter)
Mera roona bhi ho tum
(you are my tears)
Meri sari saason mein
(In my whole breathe)
Tum jaise ho ghuli
(you are mingled about)
Meri aankhen tumhe dekhe
(my eyes watch you)
Chahe band ho ya khuli
(in spite of being open or closed)

Mein tumhara hoon esha
(i am your such a )
Deewana meri jaan
(lover my dear)

Meri dil mein hai yeh armaan
(there is a wish in my heart)
Tumhe ek din mein pauu
(that one day I might get you)
Es amber se bhi aaghe tumhein lekar jau
(i would take with me beyond this sky)
Jahan raahoon mein ho bekhree sab chand aur taare
(to a place where roads are filled with the stars of the heaven and the glowing moon)
Jahan geeton ke behte ho meethe ghaare
(where songs are as melodies as ever)
Jahan khwaabo ki duniya kabhi soi nahi ho
(a place filled with the world of fragrance that has never fallen asleep)
Jahan tum ho jahan mein hoon aur koi nahi ho
(and there is you and me and no one else)

Mein tumhara hoon esha
(i am your such a )
Deewana meri jaan
(lover my dear)

This song is eerie and a rendition belonging to one obsessed with love. If you have read "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte- the song would perhaps go well in the lips of the obsessed lover, Heathcliff. I am also providing the link to the plot of the book, for you to understand.

Wuthering Heights

I was looking for the Hindi song and then chanced upon its English version, and then a brother ended up providing me the French version.


Sayak Shome said...

Good observation.
Bad and sad for Hindi Cinema.
Why do they need to copy, and even if they copy ant they give the due credits to the source?

D2 said...

I didn't know about this one, but the most famous copy, as far as I know, is the song "Raja ko Rani se".
The music is a complete and exact copy of the Godfather theme!

Anonymous said...

there are hundreds of copied songs...

not an excuse for copying but..
it is always tough for a musician to work on a deadline.. so when they are not able to come up with something of their own.. they copy..
guys like anu malik and pritam have also composed some good tracks of their own.. few.. but they have nonetheless..

i agree with sayak.. they should give credit to the original and deserving composers..

Anto said...

Copying in the film industry is not new. From one aspect it serves a good purpose, for example if there is a good tune in western music it is copied by our music directors and thus it reaches the Indian audiences who don't have access or interest for western music. The music is appreciated because of this. But, while copying there must be a disclaimer from the copycats that they have taken the tune from the original creator. Instead if they roam around for cheap publicity claiming the ownership of the music it sometimes gets irritating.

sharmila said...

... that's nothing new as everybody said. music director before used to get inspired by foreign music but nowadays they copy the whole track ... sad or good can't say :)

Anonymous said...

Heard slash play that one a long time back! LOL...the raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya is pure shit! :P You should try youtube-ing Slash's Godfather Theme! Exact Match! :D

wanderer said...

To all who left their footprints

I included this post in my blog because of one reason " when you copy...say, pay your regards to the one that inspires you." Alas, the copy cats are mostly busy hiding their face.

lastly, even if you are inspired by anyone, try to live up to the expectation of the creator or try to do things better than him or her...
suddenly, few wise en and women are left in this world.

Indli said...

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Rajendra Raikwar said...

nice post