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Saturday, June 5, 2010


They carried
Along with them.

Their names
Are all
But left behind...

we dont recall
How they looked
As dust gathers
On the graves
Of forgotten

( The trend remains the same...the picture was provided by noble friend aritra chatterji and  the poem was written on his request called "food for thought".)


Lazy Pineapple said...

touching apt for the picture :)

varsha said...

poignant and thoughtful and the photo adds to the theme.

Priya said...

Very true and apt. Came thru' indiblogger.

A beautiful Mind said...

nice one !!

sharmila said...

so touching ... yet n so real ... Beautifully matches the pic. !!

p.s. came to ur blog from IndiBlogger.

Raksha Ramachandra said...

Truth indeed...
I like!

D2 said...

Awesome poem.
The picture suits it and adds great depth.
Nice one, Wanderer.

KG said...

Simple yet astounding and befitting image.

ARiTRA said...

The moment I clicked the picture I knew the picture tells many a thing. And your words have truly vented them. A nice one :)