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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hapless soul musing

copy right Kristy Gordon

If few lines were to tell the story of a wanderer: I would have first mentioned the famous poem by Javed Aktar-"Banjaara". If songs were to be sung of the hapless soul walking on the surface of the earth, I would have hummed the following few lines:

"Kai khawaab dil tujhko le kar sajaye
(I had framed a number of dreams with you as its part)
Per khauf yeh bhi kahin per sataye
(and I regret none could read my feelings)
Gar yeh bhi tutee to phir hoga kya re
(now if my dreams break,what shall I do next)
Mujhe raas aati hai khushiyan kahan re
(happiness is seldom a part of my fate)

Kyun dil ko dukhana bewajah Madno re
(why cause further pain to that aching heart, sweetheart)
Kyun dil ko dukhana bewajah
(why bring harm to the aching heart, unnecessarily)
Phir aansu bahana Ek Dafa
(and then shed tears for some time)
Phir aansu bahana Ek Dafa
(and then shed tears for some time)"

For life is never a bed of roses, for dreams are not meant to be achieved, for you live only for the others around you, for your heart has turned into ice, but your shoulders are still warm, yet others hesitate to lean over them, for they fear for the "Obvious..."


Subhasis Chakraborty said...

A warrior never believe being the "..Obvious",
His life never find a sway,
When LIFE hold lots of questions on foot,
He re-think a brand new way ...

Cheers Friend :-) Hope things going fine ...

nkr4068 said...

Hey, this comment is not about this writing, its about what you had asked. Well, search nkr4068 in google, select the more options in left and check out blog resutls, you can see what i meant!! :D

ritesh said...

This one was ok. Not as good as ur previous works, though.Vagabond, with his images, does a brilliant job, though.

Sayak said...

Cheers! For being a wanderer, for not being afraid of the un-obvious! :)