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Saturday, October 2, 2010

experience with

Buying stuff online..heard that was quite tricky...had made an account even after considering, reconsidering, thinking, calculating pros and cons and what not.....and then I bought two books...(of course, what did you expect..., after all I am a staunch believer of

"books are my friends,
I owe to thee")

And flipkart came under my scanner. I ordered two books, called the people, verified the order and bit my nails off till the next day. "THEY came", packed in perfect packing boxes, buffered like all glassware, ensured that the whole content is shock proof, not a page here and perfect as ever...

thats how it came all packed
copyright wanderer

and after I opened it...

came out two on my best buys for the season
1)Chasing the Monsoon
2)The Immortals of Meluha


magiceye said...

happy reading!

Bastab said...

@Shreya Yeah, @Flipkart guys work well. Dependable, you know. Also, if you need suggestions, I can say you should also try I had been a huge fan of infibeam previously, but lately, flipkart is working for me. I have been regular into online books buying. Better way, I feel.

Also, have you got the little bookmarks with flipkart, inside the books? Those make the experience more interesting for me. =)

Another thing, tell me about 'Chasing the moon'. Not heard much about it. And, if not your book is yet to be listed with Flipkart, do mail them about the details of the same. They will get back to you. Contact them over Twitter (@flipkart) too. They are much active there.

Pavithra K said...

Ha ha.. I too get most of my books from flipkart :) They offer very convincing discounts!
Btw, I read the immortals of Meluha recently too. How did you like it??

wanderer said...

@ bastab---hm, flipkart made me feel less guilty--after all books keep wooing me, making me crazy till I get lost among the sea of words, uread packs them quite well, infibeam---hm, I got to give it a try someday..