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Monday, October 11, 2010

Recipe of "Sweet Heart"

Romance is not on the cards, so keep your eyebrows in their place. I am not talking about love and all the blah, blah, blah, in this post.Yet I have learnt to make "Sweet Heart"-cookie munchers, addicts and stealer, keep out, for I am neither helping you by procuring heart shaped sweet delectable cookie filled jars from thin air.

Now, lets get into business, I am quiting from giving you all that initial rumbling...!

Easy to follow steps:

 For this recipe you need two individuals, can be of any age but having young hearts in mandatory.

1) One person "a" should be made to wait for an hour at one place by person "b"; afternoon for evening is ideal.

Note: we are not making Indian tandoors out of poor souls, in this scorching month of either September or October, so avoid noon time. 
Remember, the Indian monsoons are particularly getting erratic for the past few years-so if you are person "a", quit praying for a sudden shower relief.

2) Person "a" should walk about in circles, should wait without showing, anger, remorse or agitation. Should mediate under all weather conditions-promote the rise of promoters of Yoga.

3) Calculate the waiting time to be around one hour- person "a"should be well seasoned through the time period.

4)  Person "b" makes an entry, but no place to sit and start discussion.

5) Person "a" perhaps fuming within, person "b"- measuring words, apprehensive of sudden emotional outburst, the search for two vacant sitting places begins.

6) Finally person "a" and person"b" can rest their back and bottom,God Bless an off the route cafe.

7) Two beating hearts try to make, initiate some casual talk, yet the condition is still not under control, the AC, is perhaps not working!!

8)Coffee is ordered, coffee is served. Coffee with heart shaped made out of cream is looking up at person "a" and person"b".

9) Notice the perfect ice cubes three in number lined up, off the hot cup and along the saucer edge...these are vital inventories, you simply cannot overlook.

10) So long, person "b" was trying, failing, trying and failing to keep up... person "a" keeping close to the trait of jumping upon topics, at the same time concluding none...

11) And then the real cooking begins, like a bolt from blue, like a 1000 rupee note lying on the path, like chancing upon a glam girl or a handsome man in a crowded smelling Indian bus, idea strikes person "a".

12) Person "a", picks one of the three sugar cubes and pops it in the mouth- declaring an intensive affinity for all that is sweet and primarily drawing considerable bewilderment and attention of person "b".

13) the stage is set, the plate is comes the finale...person"a" picks the second sugar cube in waiting, plays with it and cautiously balances it about the heart shape floating on the brewing coffee settled in the table. Aiming right at its center, person "a" drops it with confidence. The cube floats, so does the so long fretting heart of person "b". The cube now semi submerged- the heart of person "b" melting already. Finally it disappears in thick coffee heart, person "b" is available to forget, forgive person "a" for all that initial waiting and is beaming with delight.

14) Mission of person "a" accomplished and there goes the real trick of creating "sweet heart" along with it.

My suggestion: Seems like a good idea to bright up those angry folks, just invite them for coffee and stock ice cubes in advance, it can be repeated anywhere..even at home, if the above settings are unavailable-it could include anyone-look about-start with horrible neighbors first!

Declaimer: "I have not seen this, but heard about this from a traveler bound to the road, who had in turn seen this little sight happen in a quiet inn, off the road. I did manage to ask the name of the creator of "sweet heart", but my friend was in a hurry  and just managed to mumble-"may be that was another "peculiar and eccentric" path finder like me."

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