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Monday, November 15, 2010

homeless scholar

A world within
A world without..

There sits a dreamer
A warrior
A destitute

A withered look
A scholar otherwise...

Passer by, onlookers
Whisper to each other

"That's a man without a penny.."
"That's a vagabond smoking.."
"That's a homeless soul
Looking for a place to rest".

"An answer to a prompt challenge from one shot poetry"

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"Helping readers to think and increase their imagination power so that they can express their thoughts better"


magiceye said...

staccato verse!

wanderer said...

I found it hard to understand the connection between the nature of staccato notes and my poem (as indicated by magic eye in the previous comment. Thus, had asked the grand image clicker, for an explanation-this is what he had to say--

"by staccato i meant like a ratatat flow of bullets from a machine gun
cos its like 2/3 words at a time
and each one very powerful
trust this clarifies"-

I am posting this comment to help other know about poetic expressions in a better way..after all, we do have a lot to learn from each other..don't we?

libithina said...

I can understand but can see what is meant .. so glad tht you were able to sort out confusions ~
but your explanation neatly sums up what you achieved and aimed for in this write ~ lines laced with power ~ great job

repressedsoul said...

Powerful. It's a poem that needs to be read aloud, reminds me somewhat of the work of Thomas.

Great :)



Nalini Hebbar said...

No everyone sees the unseen...most just hate the sight of the seen.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Bitter truth.

Known Stranger said...

am following you after many moons. nice one . trying to find inspiration to be back on blog world and first blog to walk is yours