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Monday, May 9, 2011

Between the Lines- reviews "Musings of a Wanderer"

The story is long..need to cut it short...the planning for the surprise, the fight and the hush factor...and just a few comrades working in the dark..sounds like a classic spy story....THUD! It just a book getting published on 13th January 2011.

Yup!there you got the news- "Musings of a Wanderer" landed on my lap after much anticipation and some terribly apprehensive weeks. Often, laughing and giggling, as we end up referring to it -"OUR BRAIN CHILD".

But having said all this, did we ever think of someone, we never knew, would write down a real whole poem as a part of the first book review "Musings of a Wanderer" will receive. A big compliment to "Between the lines".

I hate to spill beans like these: so just scroll down and click !

Cover Design @ Aritra Chatterjee


It feels good, and more so because, all it needed was to help me believe I was capable of turning my dreams into, "Musings of a wanderer".

check this link out: you will like it :

 ‘Musings of a Wanderer’ by Shreya Chatterjee

poetry collection this is, and am super excited about this book. The author, Shreya, is from my native city as well. Also, we book reviewers do seldom get to put our hands on poetries collections or anthologies. I wander if there is any dearth of this beautiful medium of literature. Or is it that the publicity does not work the same way? Or is it that the target reader-base is much different?

Nothing as of now. A topic of heated discussions is all I can hint to you.

Got a enchanting review from the same:

check this out:

Book Review: ‘Musings of a Wanderer’ by Shreya Chatterjee

A special Thank you Bastab
Thank you Bookreaderslounge India also!


Shreya Chatterjee


Book Readers Lounge said...

All the best Shreya!!

aria said...

all the very best.. lovely cover :)

Alcina said...

Wow..nice..All the best :)