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Friday, May 20, 2011

love of spring summer

This is an entry for 

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

They sat cuddled on a lone bench,
I heard her speak 
In soft murmurs,
An umbrella shading
Their coy faces
A lover and his beloved
On an afternoon
Of a spring summer day.

Peanut sellers, 
passer by,
an old couple 
walk about,
few kids frolic,
a girl runs after
a frisky butterfly.

The lovers,
Speak of these and more,
A little fight,
And some more caress,
A quick peck
And the dusk follows...
Spring summer rolls
Smiles at the sound
Called love.

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Jidhu Jose said...

lovely poem

Claudia said...

awww - you capture a beautiful moment - think the world could go down and they would only see the eyes of each other..

bumfuzzled said...

lovely moment. I envy those two who sit through the world around them and just enjoy each other :)

Monty / bummy

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i how you bring out all that is going on around them and then bring us into their moment of intimacy...

Anonymous said...

You evoke images of a perfect spring day in the park with two lovers watching the world go by.

UmaAnandane said...

I agree with all the above commenters.The flow was nice

Andy said...

Lovely write.
Well done!

Victoria said...

You paint this scene so clearly that I feel like I'm there. So good.

Jingle Poetry said...

the image is elegant,
your words are perfectly beautiful

Jingle Poetry said...


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