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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleep denied pleasures

One shot poetry makes me think harder, and here I pen down thoughts of a mother!

Of the right to close the lids,
To let the darkness
Creep in
For the night.
She watched
Him curled into a ball,
Knees drawn to his chest,
Lips purses, temple taunt...

"He is dreaming..."
She smiled
And drew the lines
Of his face,
He moved a bit,
Turned and slipped
Away again...

Denial of nightly retreat
She watched him
Peaceful, and quiet.

Holding on to her finger
With his tiny fist.

Gives me the right to share my thought!!

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Amar said...

I believe anything about a mother is amazingly beautiful and this poem makes my belief stronger!

Well written..!!

Take Care:)

Brian Miller said...

awww...what a tender moment you paint between mother and child...loved it.

Andy said...

This is so beautiful. You've captured the moment perfectly.

Very well done!

mindlovemisery said...

So precious =)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Aw...true feelings of a mother <3 loved it :)

Jingle said...

sweet moments captured.
Thanks for sharing.

Jingle said...

sweet moments captured.
Thanks for sharing.

Vinod Narayan said...

So precious! you know it only when the moments pass and your precious grows :)

hopelessly flawed said...

beautiful moment captured in beautiful words.

meirozavian said...

Very well written, thanks for sharing.

WyomingDiva said...

Lovely description of the little one. I still feel this way when I see my daughter sleeping and she is 17!