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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tryst in the tram-guest post for Jidhu

Kolkata trams got to feature in our Bolly, Tolly and even Holly flicks.  Heck! all you seem to know about, is our Howrah Bridge, our Victoria Memorial and Durga Puja.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen and all the visiting senior citizens!!!

You simply can't miss the OLD MAN rumbling along the Maidan stretch, sharing the busy thorough-ways and croaking at the faster new age vehicles to stand clear off the tracks. Kolkata is a mix bag of the old and the new, and has its own flavor, its spice and aroma that pleases the taste buds, thrills the curious eyes and soothes the tempted hearts. So when we say, "that's our kind of tram"- each time we watch, Street Car Named Desire- just nod and pipe in along with us. "Yuup, baby, that surely is." Even Mamuni will be fine, because the kolkatan damsels are good at stuffing you with sweetmeats- wanna try some juicy, syrupy Rosogolla Sir ji!

So Jidhu once again helped me to create a particular scene of a love blossoming in an oldie and noisy but delightful tramway. Tryst in the Tram, springs out of daily observations, Ohh! come on, I too can be Amelia- Audrey Tautou can't I? Musing about new musings, wearing my thinking hat!

The mouse clickers get set go:


1 comment:

Deguide said...

I believe Trams should be re alinged from the main route, it is creating lot of jams....MAMTA will have a huge job and protests galore Lolz