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Thursday, June 9, 2011

3# 50 to 100 words: Love Cornered

This post is written on the occasion of the writer's birthday, and on the special request from Sourav C. Pandey

Sweating and puffing, your own heart beating,
" Wow cant wait she must be planning..."
 You know the meal, 
But you don’t know what’s waiting. 
Its ringing in your head,
Her special request... 
You stare at her now and then,
 Noticing her special gait, 
Her new look and all the other things, 
You wished you could make your own. 
You perhaps even dare to like her,
 But your paining heart, 
Keeps your emotions at bay. 
The dinner gets over,
 The clouds take their leave. 
You watch her leave too,
 Never knowing 
Even she had something to say.

To enjoy more heart felt musings,
Sourav's blog is the right place to click on.


Sourav said...

Wishful and lovely, this time it was not your pen but your heart which wrote this beautiful piece :)

And I am so honored Shreya, trust me I don't have words to thank you enough !

Jidhu Jose said...

lovely lines

JANU said...