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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Justice Squad

They stood lined up,
Hooded, the pole growing tall
Behind them. The Sun blazed.
The squad, steadied
Their rifle,
Finding the target marks,
Pinned to the heaving chests,
For the ones,
Who, slaughtered,
Killed, ripped, roasted, and raped.
Thousand survivors watched the show.
Short and fast,
The roaring guns stood
True to their words.
Justice delivered,
Mourning damned.
As the country,
Struggled to
The dead of
Its 800,000 children.

This poem participates in -Thursday-poets-rally-46


Faraaz Kazi said...

Deep and well-portrayed.

Anonymous said...

nice..but which specific event does it relate to..just asking because u mentioned very particularly, 800000 lives..

wanderer said...

@ FARAAZ- Hmm, new reports shook me like hell! and the poem was the best way to get back to normal.

romanticpiyush-- Google 800,000 genocide in 100 days, you will get the answer.

Jingle said...

sad story,
well told.
bless those victims.

Happy Rally.

Farila said...

It was a terrible situation in Rwanda and not many even know about this. These things are not in spotlight like the killings of Jews in Germany for reason unknown to me

Jyoti Mishra said...

yesterday only I have watched the "Hotel Rwanda" and I must say u have portrayed the situation very well.

Good job
Nice read !!!

Anonymous said...

This just breaks my heart, powerful poem

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Powerfully emotive poem

Mr. A. said...

you have an amazing blog here... rarely i've read poems so profound and so subtle...kudos for your wonderful gift to the world..keep writing..will come back for more.