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Friday, June 3, 2011


poem participates in thursday poets rally poetry

you dont have to tell me,
I know the day
I was born,
just cant remember,
when and whre,
I cant remember
whether it rained,
it snowed,
I cant remember
whether it
in the desert,
or it occurred
while my mother,
was trapped
inside a bunker,
packed in a refugee truck,
shot in the fighting squad,
while still in pain,
the pain of carrying me,
the pain of ogling eyes,
the pain of raspy lips,

I dont wish to remember any of it,

I cant tell you even the position
Of the stars,
who mocked my birth,
Inside that
suffocating grave,
where my mother bled
to her death. 


mindlovemisery said...

This is so powerful and absolutely heart-breaking. Devastating and beautiful

Morning said...

well stated sadness.

Thanks for sharing!

Andy said...

This is sad beyond words.

Very heartbreaking and all too real.

Thanks for sharing!

Judith C Evans said...

This poem expresses unspeakable heartache and pain. Very well written.

Alcina said...

It is so full of pain and it has so accurate the emotions..


Brian Miller said...

whew you twist our guts then turn it again for good measure...lots of emo...and pain

Paulami said...

nice background story to the poem.

kez said...

such a sad poem beautifully written ..thank you

wolfsrosebud said...

Hard stuff... well said.

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

The chagrin is deep but also well expressed in the poem, well done.

the critics said...

that poem spoke a lot...good work

Old Raven said...

You write with such beauty and such pain.

haikudoyou said...

so heartbreaking - well written poem