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Monday, August 8, 2011

The alternate existence- a nightmare

(the following poem has been sent as a submission to online crosswords book store contest -"hearttalk")

The alternate existence- a nightmare

Failed to fathom the meaning of existence,
Churned out of the gutter of human pit,
The pigeon has got a single wing,
Her white coat greased with mud.

Time pieces glowing in fiery hell,
The gong keeps an unusual pace,
The pendulum has five extension,
Universe flipped upside down.

Wake up in seconds 
And greet the three glowing sun
The fifth moon last night 
Has lulled you to sleep,
Not the barn, the pub or the basement,
It is Dali's soul calling you out.

1 comment:

Upal Deb said...

~~It's not nice in dream
it's not nice when awake
there'll be less fear then
when words drink the blood
death to the bourgeoisie~~(Veno Taufer)

Dali's soul calls one out
Molten clock offering molten time...
And that existentialist angst..
Hallowed moon...haloing sun..
a carnival of light and sweat...
Of creeping delight and Time's laughter....... ever calling the head to tame the heart...
Heart in a standstill...
Dreams crowd the head...
A good offering...!