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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mistress of Begotten TIme

" I will live though beyond your days, with your warm memories wrapped around me sheltering me through lonely nights"

Planting those thoughts,
On the way to the chapel,
Where the soldier's wife,
looks over,
The new burial,
Fondly holding,
Within herself,
His caresses and promises,
His unlived dreams,
His mirthful deeds,
Hi last farewell,
And his unborn child.

The red firmament
bows to the brave
Stopping at her
Quiet eyes
She will live
Unlike the others
A woman of honor
A mistress of begotten time
A mother to be.


Chintan said...

Story of many...story of many my friend....yet they luve with their head held high...

Manoj Trivedi said...

It's soaked in feelings and so picturesque...