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Friday, October 21, 2011

take a breather- join me

Alright! we all know the weekends are coming our way--some of us would fret it behind closed doors, some would get drunk and party with friends, some would spend it with their loving family and others would watch the night sky and simply sigh on and on. The weekends would perhaps be no different for me from now on...thus--- guys and gals- (striking out the age bar)--inviting you to:

Steal some of these from the nosy shopkeeper round the corner:

hey boys! I know you all are digging your hands inside your pockets- but yes- lets give the hackneyed neighbour a piece of our prank:

for once lets walk in a line over the haunted house wall (dare me)!!

and let's go on a joy ride- wanna try Ramdas and company's Rickshaw-(hussh we can still trick him- he is snoring through his towel :)-

The day is done with listening to the lonely widow's fantastic tales of unknown places:

And when I sleep off without notice- remember to, smile and blow a kiss :)

(Sometime or the other- we all wish to be kids once again- to surge off troubles in life- you might like or you might not even wish to join me in this journey backwards in time- never mind--as long as you flash a sweet grin--I know I made you feel better)

I don't own any of the above images by the way- Keep safe viewers, comment-ors and smiling faces.


Lion Chiller said...

it is nice to be free of the shackles of a mundane life... just let go!

JANU said...

Oh! how I wish to remain a kid at heart...blowing a kiss your way.

Priyanka's Neverland said...

I'd run and run, go breathless, then sit in the mud, and splash some water at you..Shreya di..lets go, haunt the streets with our zestful hearts and unclogged minds..lets return to where we truly belong..Lets Go..

Sourav said...


SUB said...

Ah! sounds interesting...count me in!

G said...