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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: Where The Rainbow Ends

Author:  Dr. Sayantan Gupta

Format: paperback

Language: English

Pages:  103

Price:  Rs. 200.00

Publishers:  Power Publishers

ISBN Number: 978-93-81205-44-0

About the book:

 Surprising how life turns us into something else—when you have more promising acumen left to be churned out from within. “Where the rainbow Ends” by Dr. Sayantan Gupta would leave you baffled at the intensity with which a doctor’s pen spreads emotions over leaves of notebooks with a urge to get published one in a life time to begin with. It is sheer commitment to a passion or flair-a question I will ask the readers to think of-for with poetic confidence the practicing Gynecologist is able to declare in the poem- “I write for You”-
Did you know?
That I write because
You make me write?
Yes, you inspire me
As you stir up all
My hidden emotions
And make a poet out of me.

The trend suggests that if you have crossed the half the way—it is time to recollect what all you have left behind. You try to analysis what all you have conquered, lost and grieved over and what new pleasures you have been able to successfully carry along with you- if not the the touch then perhaps the memories of it. If not the same old face, then perhaps a new one to take its place… I could almost feel the atonement hidden behind the assuring lines of “When You are Old”-
Even now if you feel all joy’s on the wane
In fountains of happiness, there’s somewhere some pain,
Do keep it in mind that I’m there with a balm
To ward off all hurt, make turmoil calm.
Don’t think I’m a cloud to cut off sunshine.
I’ve a little shade to offer, for in pain you’re mine.
Even when you grow old, an’ fear end’s near,
Even then at some crossroads you’d find me, my dear.

If celestial beings are watching us from above- then the genre of poetry is bound to thrive in the comforting presence of rebounding philosophy, teaching the otherwise reoccupied selfish minds to appreciate beauty if at its docile stages. Solitude yields to the establishment of one such poetic figurine of the Dr. Sayantan Gupta –

Far, far away,
In an unnamed plain
You stand alone
Bedecked in a simple sari,
White, bordered with scarlet,
Wrapped around to hide with grace
A beauty
Nature bequeathed.

Not much of the modern day chaotic humdrum, even though marked with antiquity in terms of linguistic revelations, the collection speaks in favor of positivity- even when delineating the saddening aspects of life. It is as if the book gets manifested into an indomitable motivator- pushing through the walls of the mental blocks of denial and bathing the dark alleys of your psyche with the first rays of the sun.

About the author:

Dr. Sayantan Gupta, is a Consultant Gynaecologist by profession, presently residing in and practicing at Malda, West Bengal, India. He is a trained Laparoscopic Surgeon as well.

Born in Chandannagar, West Bengal, on 24th March, 1955, his entire schooling was in the city of Calcutta (now, Kolkata). After his school days, at the St. Joseph’s College, Calcutta, where he studied from KG Class till his Higher Secondary, he graduated in MBBS from the N.R.S. Medical College, Calcutta. Thereafter, he specialized in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, having completed his Post Graduation also from the Calcutta University.

In 2007 he quit Government Service and opted for exclusive private practice.

Writing is his passion. He writes prose, poetry and drama. Some of the dramas he had written have made successful stage productions.
An anthology of his poems in English, “Where the Rainbow Ends”, has been published in September, 2011.

He is an ardent Rotarian having served in different capacities at Club and District levels. This area of Service is his second passion. He has published two books; both widely acclaimed, on Rotarian subjects, one in Bengali and one in English. The book in English had got a very good review in the February issue of The Rotary News.

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Sam said...

I still not read this book but i heard a lot about this, Its my pleasure that i always in touched with Sir Sayantan Gupta. As a person he is full of personality.

Bina Biswas said...

Nice review Shreya :)))