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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Review: “Chicken soup for the Indian soul at work”

(published by REVIEW TEAM)
“Chicken soup for the Indian soul at work” is a book to look out for. After all, it’s subtitled- “teens talk growing up’! There isn’t much confusion about what it deals with. One can sum it all up by saying that this book is a slice of life, talking about people who have faced some tough times and have survived through it all. The focus is on the Indian youngsters. They are the people whom we neglect thinking them to be too young to understand yet bordering adulthood. Yet in their own way they have faced some adversities in life and have battled them, ultimately surpassing them all and coming out on top. The key is not to give up and have unrelenting faith in you even if the situation is utterly hopeless. This book is a tribute to all these individuals. 

“Chicken soup for the Indian soul at work” is a jointly authored book by Juhi Rai Farmania, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Before we get to the content of the book, let’s talk about the authors. Juhi rai Farmania, who is a networker, is building an e commerce forum in India and in United Kingdom. The other two authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are known for being #1 New York Times bestselling co authors and have dedicated their skills towards helping other people both personally and professionally. 

The book has been written in an interesting way. It is divided into thirteen sections, each dealing with a certain aspect of life. The different sections of the book are as follows:
1.       From the CEO’s desk
2.       Turning obstacles into opportunities
3.       Changing Roles and Industries
4.       Leading & Mentoring
5.       Balancing personal and professional lives
6.       Self – made and successful
7.       On lessons learned
8.       Humor and fun at work
9.       Extraordinary entrepreneurs
10.   Persistence and courage
11.   Listening to the head and the heart
12.   Business – The Hindustani way
13.   A message for those starting out. 

The best part about the book is that the stories deal with something that is close to one’s heart. It is about real people and the real life adversities that they have faced. The stories reflect endurance and the power of perseverance that has helped them in achieving their positions in life. One of the stories is written by the HR head of Phillips who talks about a night when there were union issues in the office that he had to attend to whilst his wife was in childbirth. This is one among the many stories which reflect the amount of dedication these individuals had in every sphere of their life.  I also liked reading “thanks mum”, “dark chocolate”, “in the rain”, “way back home”, “a hard lesson” – name a few.

While the book is highly inspiring and motivational, it has its flipside. The book, though rich enough in content, could have done with better writing and editing. There are words that you one would wish had been avoided. The sentences could have been shortened and the stories could have been reduced in length. This has somehow become and inherent problem with the Indian authors. Another annoying thing about the book is the excessive use of ‘I ‘. Though if considered from another point of view, the book voices the dilemma of the young mind and its muted achievements. Thus the “first person” should be given the honour to talk of itself.
In spite of all that, the book is a good read. It is successful in making its point and is quite pleasurable for passing time, an ideal book for all professionals. On a personal note, it was a exciting to read stories submitted by friends from the virtual world.

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