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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review: The Compass Box Killer

Publisher: Rupa
 • Published: 2013 
• ISBN-13: 9788129124272
 • Language: English
 •Binding: Paperback 
• Pages: 240

He is not your gentlemanly Murdoch or sassy  Lynley- he is a man with passion set whole hearted for work. He is inspector Virkar- the otherwise amchi mumbaite. The city that reeks of crime and that gives least introduction of the underworld the roams free in the streets. But the compass Box killer- is not connected with the Big Fishes of the crime world. The twist is not just in the name- the twist is about the mastermind that leaves behind such tantalizing and spine chilling notes written in blood.

It not the first time that I have finished a book in record time- but the fact that I have repeated the whole thing thrice over week’s time- should be mentioned. In short, this book is un-put-down-able. A perfect thriller as it is believed needs to have a perfect hero and a perfect heroin.

A police man killed in his office, a doctor blown off in his clinic, a social activist electrocuted in public- the killer at free and leaving a hint for the flabbergasted police force going hither tether. Can a twisted sexual urge- let such vengeance loose? Perhaps- for this not a romantic set to take revenge- This is “Hurry…tracing…tracing…tracing’s ward” hunting down the real criminals. But it is not the character- I am praising alone- the author earns the whole credit. If you sit to write a crime novel- you got to STUDY hard- or else you can commit the perfect murder by choking the Ring Man- especially with balloons around! I am not talking gibberish out here. Only the ones who take pride to have grabbed both the books in this series- will get through the net of land-mile words planted in this review. 

With Godfather beer and solitary trips over the dark waters of Arabian Sea- Virkar puts forth a raw charm. if there was something that irked me from the beginning- it was the lady-in-the-picture=  Raashi, the modern-age female crime reporter. She is eyeing for "that big break". Hot on Virkar's toes, first humiliating him in her exclusive crime show, then getting into his good books and leading him to prominent clues- she was too innocent to believe in. I remember the feeling I had after I finished with "Mumbaistan". It was similar to finding your favorite dessert finishing off too fast.With "Compass Box Killer" my hunger for thrill and suspense has topped the charts. Thus a direct question to the author- "How many more days left for the next installment of this series to reach the stand?"- tapping my toes, rubbing my heels- impatiently.

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