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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The journey with Anchor Stitch Kits

I had this tiny cramped embroidery shop close to my house. I spotted them while I was in standard eight. I still remember the kits hung up- there was Dusk, flash frame ganesh and hibiscus. I would spend atleast fifteen minutes marvelling each work. The shop keeper would allow me to watch them too. One day the hibicus got sold off. I got panicked, the shop keeper saw my sad eyes and promised to keep the others in stock. For the whole day he would hang other kits. When it was time for me to pass that way- he would hang those particular kits- sunset and ganesh. In those days sunset was around 210 rs. and I was so keen in buying one- I started saving from the little pocket money I got. Two years passed and one day my father found my piggy bank hidden among my books in my cupboard. He asked me what the money was for and I told him the truth by taking him to the shop. He promised to get the "Dusk" for me the day my 10th board exams got over.  And he did even after facing huge opposition from my mother-( I have eye problem and wear specs. ) Since then there is no stopping me. Dusk got finished into a span of 4 years (I had studies, tuitions and endless exams to appear for). While in college my hunger for these kits grew back again and this time- I bought, the teddy (a birthday gift for my mother), the swan ( a birthday gift for my father), the Sylvian retreat, after much hunting the hibiscus, friends, the vase for begginners, fly with me,. When my marriage got fixed I bought the karigar, tittle tattle and the balancing act- for my new home.

Glad to have had the chance to share my story with you :)

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