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Saturday, January 23, 2010

slipping off...

just like the day passes by without a letter being ascribed to its name
I feel nothing but an empty space
lingering between my little desk and that brown chair
They miss the warmth of my sighs
the rustle of my fanatic pages
One coffee mug stain somewhere before
They all miss me in pain

slipping of time had a word or two
I heard them a while before
here for you I have left my thoughts
like dust gathered
by a old pine...


Subhasis Chakraborty said...

Remember an old duck wading past the lake ... silent as ever and she says to herself ....

Tick tick tick,
Am I so weak?

Tick tick tick,
What makes me weak? ...

wanderer said...

hey that was just the perfect thing to tell me at this moment....honestly that was what I am feeling oflate..

Known Stranger said...

more i read your posts, i wish i could express the emotions as powerfully as you do .