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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

time forgot....

Not a word slipped
Or tumbled down,
not a leaf
on any of the trees
or fell
even the dew waited
on the edge
of the precarious blade
the crow looked on
Did a foot move
did a sigh escape
did a soul plead
did i
or did you
say, stir, look
a little..
time forgot...


Timir's said...

A though crafted with care, a heart dealt with fear, feelings submerged under deep blue sea,
blue sky, which prevails, waiting for the submarine to show its head high up the sea, get in touch with the smoky high....

bhalo laglo....

Subhasis Chakraborty said...

Time never forgets ... It remains as memoirs in the core of the deep red ... The heart never sleeps ...

bhalo legechhey ....

Sourcebound said...

well written

The trepidation of the moment forever etched in the ripples of time..