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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

restless fluttering

The gong bellowed above
Its time to move,
Some restless fluttering
Filled the morning air,
Its time to move..

The sea called a mile away...
Early birds honked past...
A beggar scattered 
His share of grains,
The restless fluttering 
Settled down..

The busy city flickered away...
The day rolled into 
Another night...
The restless fluttering 
Ran on and on...
The sea rolled 
The wind puffed
Not a soul settled for once...

Close your eyes,
Hold your breathe...
For they still flutter 
Deep inside
Your heaving chest...
Restless fluttering never stops.


Timir's said...

Flutters thru ocean,
sea left far behind,
walking past memory lane
share of grains no longer remain,

migrates is what! to belive,
flown in the hallway of tiny mind,
stucking root head high,
is no more seek..

hold my breathe, look thru sheer vein,
sharing air is no more pain,
i would go pass by,
rediscovering the redemption,

sneaking a bit, more high !!

Note: I would say this is your one of best i ever read, sheer smoothness throuhout, touched my heart , could not stop being myself and share a few words :)

Farila said...

I love your poetry here and also the comment.. which is amazingly wonderful