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Sunday, March 7, 2010

a quiet thing for the quiet man

Bought this one along with the teddy. Stitched it with equal zeal, but instead of gifting it to my father, I gave it to an aunt who was suffering from cancer. She had come to the city for treatment, and I would sit beside her ailing bed and stitch. She left for her hometown after the day I gave it to her. and died within a month. She was in the last stage.

Years went passed, and I was again looking for this design in the embroidery shops, found it and again finished it off. And finally presented it to my baba (dad) on his birthday.



Being Me said...

A present that is the work of your hand is always a beautiful highly prized gift indeed.


Ninu said...

all your long stitch projects are beautiful.. I also love long stitch kits.. thanks for the comment on my blog
ninu :)