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Saturday, March 13, 2010

work in progress and the fun I had

It takes patience to stitch..and I derive fun reflecting on the gradually filling up canvas lying in front of me, before I call it a day.

Well, the path was done, now the bushes on the side left...and of course the the vane-cased trees growing side ways...

Bushes done. now I guess the fences, the shrubs, the distant clouds...

One day more, just one day more, and my Sylvan Threat will be true...ok, ok, at least on my canvas, right!

 Now, Its fact just the framing is left...

And taaa daaa, it's framed! Happily propped up on the wall! With sultry summer creeping in...we can keep imagining of soothing retreats by looking at this picture. As for me, I can keep spending hours, stitching newer projects using this as an inspiration, for me.

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