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Saturday, March 27, 2010

words on the wind

When you stood on the sea shore
And spoke words 
Meant for none to hear...

What if you thought
Words on wind
Could travel far beyond
Beyond those minds that sinned

You don't need conchs 
To hide those secrets
In their rumbling bellies
You don't need
Gulls to rise and fall
Carrying your words on their back.

You don't need waves to rise 
And then break
Across the surface 
Of jutting out shores.
And scatter your words
In broken pieces.

Just leave the book of your life-
On the deserted sand banks.
Leave it by, for those passer by
To bend over and pick it up
Or flip through it's withered pages...

Leave it behind,
When it is time for you to leave...
The the sea to takes it back to its watery home,
For the breeze to mingle with its words,
For the time that goes in circles and never stops,
To hold on you words, on the wind
Forever and ever
And ever beyond....


Farila said...

Nice poem wanderer..

Timir said...

thoughts passing by, never dies...
sounds varies ear to year, takes time to materialise over the years..
preety nice thought, but i guess scope wre plenty to implore, and with your calibre it would have been a master piece , missed by awhisk, but a great one indeed

B M said...

It's interesting to think about, words can be lost, words can live on... words can hurt and words give life too... amazing isn't it the power of Words.