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Saturday, March 27, 2010

thoughts that never leave

Thoughts that never leave
They walk with you like forgotten shadows
Forgotten are they?
Perhaps not remembered every moment...
But they breathe,
They thrive,
They live in the alleys of the brooding mind.

Thoughts that never leave
They survive
The thrashing of time.
They face the streams of  the New.
They linger about,
Through rough days
And through lonely nights.

Thoughts that never leave,
They stand along that edge,
Like on high mountains
You often see,
They sit around the precipice,
Waiting to drop down
Yet never too keen
To give that deadly plunge.
Never think of killing themselves,
In the suffocating depths
Of your whirling mind.

Thoughts that never leave,
Stand beside you,
While waiting for your turn
In a long queue.

Thoughts that never leave....
That never leave...
Never leave...!
When you are standing, or walking
Or dying
And leaving with
Thoughts that never leave!!


... and that's all said...

Great piece of writing! Carry on with your winged words.

Harold said...

That is a strong poem, full of emotion and vivid images...
And most of us have experienced the presence of these 'thoughts that never leave', yet leave an imprint that will haunt us in times of joy & despair alike.

Anonymous said...

My friend really liked this post... your words really reverberated with some thoughts I'm currently having... as if you spoke on my behalf... Really strong words... :)