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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Promise:

I wont stay long
I will leave soon

I will not go far
Just a few miles perhaps

It wont take long
Just a few days perhaps.
I am not saying
It is all over
It is finished.

I have just closed my dairy,
Closed my pen...
They need some rest.
After endless seizes and scribbles
On the paper, on the walls and the floor.
They need to rest.

I will be back...
It will not take long...
Look! I am not banging
The door shut...
I am softly closing It
Behind me...
Don't you see the little slit
The gap that shows the road beyond...

I will be back
I promise.


Lazy Pineapple said...


Oh btw are u taking a blogging break?
come back soon if you are...

Anonymous said...

Tum ja rahe ho?
Tussi maat jao :(

Being Me said...

You sound a little tired.. come back soon.

Zave said...

Tiring emotions woven beautiful in words!
Loved it!