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Monday, October 18, 2010

ghalib again...

"Today none buys my verse's wine, that it may grow old
To make the senses reel in many a drinker yet to come
My star rose highest in the firmament before my birth
My poetry will win the world's acclaim when I am gone..."

Another brilliant piece by Mira Ghalib. true in every sense...yet, with these verse the time stands still...with these verse I stop to think, eat drink and make merry, with a cold heart, that does not beat by remain static like the broken watch over the ruin city tower, like a old picture again yes I might...but the words are true, so true that we want to hide it...
So flash your teeth to the world,
so say you are happy to all those you meet,
for smile soothes pain
and care seals the wound from outside...
yes only from outside

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