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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi, I am alive

blog friends,

I would like you to watch the video before...pray for all of them...

This baby died, but some twenty five and more years ago, another baby was born and she is still around, strong and healthy, confident and dreamy...she is still around, thanks for the love, the care and a blessings of all those people who brought her up, who loved her, who blessed her, even from miles away, worlds apart and even perhaps after death...

mother believes she is a miracle
father believes in her smile



ritesh said...

Good work...thanx...this was moving

wanderer said...

hey thanx Ritesh for the support..

wanderer said...

This is what a mail friend and of course a real life friend, companion, and co laughing gas producer turned school teacher had to say for the post-


i am simply speechless. apart from saying that the cute baby in furry denims didn't put me into trouble to recognize her, i won't say much, as that will spoil the spirit which was just born after i came across the video.

But this much can be said that perhaps for these few reasons all of us would love to say, "hi, i am alive."

thanks for reminding me once again that love is still there in some remote, small corners of this planet.

take care,

sohini said...

it's you? isnt it??