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Sunday, October 3, 2010

a little chance meeting with Russian songs and music

These links were sent by a brother living miles apart. We believe that the moment we get a chance to express yourselves, our are in a state of elision. what about the moment, we decide to open our otherwise closed up mind, hidden identity, and embark on a journey of gathering knowledge, living moments, that are foreign, of the foreign, by the foreign and for the foreign (thats what is called constitutionally speaking). we might invade little private spaces, but for a wanderer, such invasions are mostly from the doorpost...never beyond that...

Hoping that you liked the music, the songs, I don't know the russian language.Yet, following the example of a currently running Indian telecom ad, I would say,
" Bolne ke liye (na) kisi vasha ki zaroorat nehi hoti".
To say and express you dont need a language, Listen to the songs and the musical with your heart, you will thus understand more.

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